Accident Coverage

Not all adventures are created equal, but we can cover you for adventures of almost any size or length. Our policy is designed to help cover out-of-pocket costs, like deductibles and copays, that are associated with a trip to the emergency room or to an urgent care facility following a mishap. Because the benefits are paid directly to you, they can also be used for things you may not think of, like repairing damaged gear. Currently rolling out state-by-state, nationwide.

Your Adventure

With flexible term lengths for our accident policy starting at one day of coverage and ramping up to a full year, we have you covered no matter how often you are active.

Cover the Gaps

If you are injured in a covered accident, you will receive $500 for a visit to an urgent care facility or $1,000 for a visit to the emergency room. Additional benefits are paid depending on the injury up to $50,000.

Chat Us Up

Let's face it, often you just want to send a chat message. BuddyBot can answer questions now, and once we launch, will be able to get you covered through Facebook Messenger in minutes.


Finding out what a little peace of mind costs has never been easier. Just tell us what you love doing and click the button below. After that, you can change who you'd like to cover, for how long, and whether or not anyone will be competing during that time.


Get as little as a day or up to a year in coverage with the following benefits paid directly to you:

* The descriptions in the table of benefits have been amended for clarity on our website. The full table is available before purchase by emailing
** if you claim for any, or all of, the injuries listed for Benefit A, the maximum you will receive will be $5,000.
*** if you claim for any, or all of, the injuries listed for Benefit B, the maximum you will receive will be $10,000.
PerilBenefitMaximum payable per Accident
Emergency care at an urgent care facility$500$500
Emergency care at a hospital or emergency room$1,000$1,000
Hospital confinement, up to 10 days$1000/day$10,000
Physical therapy up to 10 visits$75/visit$750
Ambulance (air or ground)Up to $5,000 for air ambulance or up to $250 for ground ambulance if an insured person requires ambulance transportation to a hospital or emergency center for injuries sustained in an accident. A licensed professional ambulance company must provide the transportation within 72 hours of the accident. If the provider of service does not receive payment for services from any other source, and provided the benefit under the policy has not been paid, we will directly reimburse the provider of the service.$5,000
Additional Benefit AOpen reduction fractures of - leg, vertebrae (body of), pelvis (including coccyx), or sternum, vertebral processes, rib, skull (depressed).

Open reduction dislocation of knee or shoulder, collar bone.

Surgical repair of tendons and/or ligaments, torn rotator cuffs, ruptured discs, torn knee cartilages, open abdominal (including exploratory laparotomy).

Any 2nd degree burn covering more than 65 square centimeters.
$5,000 in total for Benefit A**
Additional Benefit BOpen reduction fractures of hip.

Open reduction dislocation of hip.

Any 3rd degree burn covering more than 65 square centimeters.
$10,000 in total for Benefit B***
A covered accident that results in death, the loss of both hands or both feet, the loss of sight of both eyes, the loss of speech and loss of hearing in both ears, paralysis, quadriplegia, hemiplegia, paraplegia, or severe traumatic brain injury$50,000$50,000
A covered accident that results in the loss of one hand or one foot or sight of one eye, loss of speech, loss of hearing in both ears, uniplegia, or moderate traumatic brain injury$25,000$25,000
A covered accident that results in the loss of hearing in one ear, or the loss of the thumb and index finger of the same hand$12,500$12,500

More About Benefits

With a Buddy policy, you are covered 24/7 unless you are participating in an excluded activity. With that being said, we still need to know what activities you will be doing during your policy. When you are checking out, make sure you let us know what you do (even if it’s excluded). When we know what you are into, we can help you have better adventures by updating our existing offerings, by rolling out new products, and by delivering information that matches your interests.

Buddy helps cover the out-of-pocket costs associated with an accident and pays the benefit directly to you, the policyholder.

We created benefits that are clear and easy to understand. Not all injuries will appear in the schedule of benefits, but every injury gets our first dollar benefit when you are admitted to urgent care or the emergency room for a covered accident. Some more severe injuries get an additional benefit.

This is not health insurance. We also do not coordinate with your existing policy. Buddy is here to help you get back on your feet and back to doing what you love as soon as possible.


We know it can be exhilarating to set a new personal best or to compete against other athletes. When you push yourself, there’s a greater chance of an accident, so we have to charge a bit more if you, or someone on your policy, plans to compete during the coverage period.

Make sure to let us know if someone will be competing, or an accident won’t be covered on race day. If your plans change, we can always add competition coverage after a policy is purchased, just email our team. Please note that we are unable to remove competition coverage once it has been added.

What's Not Covered

  • Accidents that happen while you are working. For any accidents that happen on the job - check with your employer.
  • Self inflicted or intentional injuries or attempts, including suicide.
  • We can’t cover general sickness, disease, or bacterial infections UNLESS it happens as a result of an accidental cut or wound, or in the case of a pyogenic infection that result from accidental ingestion of contaminated substances.
  • Any accidents that occur while you are breaking (or attempting to break) a law or regulation.
  • We can’t cover you if you are intoxicated, or under the influence of drugs or narcotics at the time of your accident.
  • Piloting planes or working as a member of a flight crew (unless you are piloting a hot air balloon).
  • If you are a professional athlete, we cannot cover you in any sport you have pro status in. We are working on this - drop us a line with your sport if you would like us to offer this coverage in the future.
  • We can’t cover anyone actively engaged in war, acts of terrorism, or nuclear risks.

We also can’t cover the following activities: BASE jumping, big wave surfing, tow in surfing, bull riding, bungee jumping, cave diving, cliff jumping, cross country eventing, FMX, freediving, free soloing/climbing or mountaineering (other than bouldering) without the use of ropes and appropriate equipment, highlining, running of the bulls, skydiving/parachuting, street luging, and wingsuiting.

If you have any questions or concerns, let us know.

Who’s it for?

Buddy’s accident insurance is meant to help you get back on your feet after an accident, regardless of any other types of insurance you may, or may not, have. If you have a covered accident, your benefits can be used for your health insurance deductible, coinsurance, or copays. If you have great health insurance and don’t owe much money out-of-pocket after an accident, use your benefits to replace your damaged gear, to cover missed work, or to help with childcare expenses. It's your benefit - use it however you need.

Every person and family is different, so our policies are, too. Our accident insurance can be purchased to cover just you, you and your spouse, your entire family, or just your child(ren).

Term Length Options

Policies are available by the day, week, month, or year. Once a policy is issued, the term length cannot be amended, but new policies can be purchased to continue coverage.


Getting Started

After an accident, it’s important that you notify us as soon as possible (and no more than 31 days after the accident) so we can get your claim started. If you don’t have all the information when you notify us, that’s ok, we can get the rest of the details later. Please email us at Soon, you will be able to start a claim through BuddyBot, or by logging into your profile on our website.

Claim Payment

We will do everything we can to pay your claim as quickly as possible. To receive payment for your claim, we will need the following from you:

  • Consult your doctor as soon as possible after your accident.
  • Report your claim to us as soon as possible. If you are not able to do so within 31 days, you will need to confirm the reason for the delay.
  • Make sure all applicable forms and requested documentation are completed and submitted as quickly as possible. These documents may include a claim form that we will provide to be filled out by you and/or your doctor and bills from your care provider(s). We will do our best to collect all of the information at once, but our claims team may request additional details or documents while revieiwing your accident.
  • Be honest! If we are deliberately misled or details are exaggerated, our claims administrator reserves the right to not pay the claim, recover money already paid for the claim, to terminate your policy, and to inform law enforcement of the fraudulent act.

Insurance Carriers

Buddy’s accident insurance is provided through National Specialty Insurance Company and State National Insurance Company, Inc., A.M. Best "A" Excellent Rated insurers, and is reinsured by Lloyd’s of London.

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