Meet the Buddy Partners API

Insurance has never been easier. You can now cover your customers and members with the only on-demand accident insurance in the market. It’s simple to set up, and it’s as easy as checking a box for your users.

Instant Quotes

Immediate Issuance

Extra Layer of Protection

Who should integrate Buddy?

Race organizers
Registration platforms
Outdoor Associations
Adventure Tours & Activities
Sports Leagues
Activity Destinations & Venues

How Buddy can help your company

On-demand accident coverage provides another layer of risk protection for your organization, improved customer conversion, and financial support for customers.

This demonstrates a proactive approach to market challenges and cements your organization as having the best interests of the customer in mind.

As the first and only on-demand accident insurance product available in the marketplace today, Buddy gives you a strategic market advantage in addition to a new, sustainable revenue stream!


curl -H \
-X GET "" \
"?who=ME" \
"&duration=day" \
"&state=CO" \

Just two endpoints:

Accurate to the penny pricing in milliseconds.

Tell us who and what, and we'll get them covered.


Do I have to fill out a PDF and email it?

No, Buddy automatically fills out the policy PDF and emails it to the customer immediately after purchase.

How will the customer be charged if they check the box?

Customers who check the box will see two separate charges after checking out. One from the registration and the other will be from us for the cost of their policy.

Will a Buddy checkbox disrupt my checkout flow?

Absolutely not! You ultimately have the choice of where to place an opt-in checkbox, and it is designed to be completely non-invasive.

Will customers know the insurance is offered by Buddy and not us?

Yes. Buddy provides guidelines on how to make sure customers know the insurance is offered by Buddy and not the partner. Buddy handles all customer inquiries regarding our insurance product, so you can focus on what matters to you.

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