Buddy Links - 10/07

BuddyOct 07 · 2 min read


Every week, Buddy finds the best links on the internet about the outdoors, athletics, and generally getting after it.

September 30 - October 06

Taking a break from cycling articles this week. If you're a rugby nut, we got the scoop on how to catch every match of this year's Rugby World Cup. If off-road tri's are more your thing, catch XTERRA Adventures from Colorodo on OTV. For the health conscious, learn why a Cardiologist wants you to wear an Apple Watch, three simple tests to prevent injury, and how being outside can improve your mental and physiological health. If you like history, beer, or both, check this out. And to be truly inspired, read about Sarah Marquis' amazing adventures trekking across the globe, and how this kid saved a river. See the full list of links below.

This week's links:

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