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Every week, Buddy finds the best links on the internet about the outdoors, athletics, and generally getting after it.

October 07 - October 13

Lots of lovely, laudable links for you (we give ourselves extra points for alliterative sentences at Buddy). If you haven't heard already, the first person in history ran a marathon in under 2 hours (unofficially), a seemingly impossible feat. And if that inspires you to run your first marathon, here's some tips on helpful gear. For the parents out there, we got tips on assessing their level of injury and teaching them how to ride a bike. For the bike lovers: Colorado's first MTB-only trail is awesome. Also, bikes can help save the planet (we're all super surprised).

Guess what? Ski season is basically here! Seriously, it snowed 3-4 inches in Arapahoe Basin. In the everything else category, here's some really bad advice. No really, there's a lot of terrible advice out there, and this piece did a great job at addressing it. Here's some good advice on making your gear last forever. Also, a post on mid-life crisis super-athleticism, neuroscience and rock-climbing and how the outdoors help video game addicts. If you need a diversion from your Monday tasks, these links are super interesting.

This week's links:

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