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Buddy Accident Insurance can cover youth sports
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A Partnership To Protect Youth Sports Participants

It started with a sweet cross by the right midfielder who sent the ball arching over two defenders on its way to the striker. Running at full sprint, the striker was totally focused on scoring a brilliant header from just inside the box while, at the same time, the sweeper of the opposing team had his eyes on the ball. Neither player slowed or were aware the other had the same commitment and focus on the ball.

Coming from opposite directions the two players jumped and flicked their heads in their desired direction causing their noggins’ to collide mid-air. For a brief second both hung in space, a grimace appearing on their faces before each tumbled to the ground in a heap while the ball sailed harmlessly out of bounds. After a scary moment they both rubbed their heads, stood up, patted each other on the back, shook hands, and got back into play. What could have been a season ending, and perhaps worse concussion injury, was nothing more than an aggressive play by our committed players.

Millions of our kids and families love their sports. Regardless of the level of competition, we as parents encourage and support our youth while they push their limits.

Unfortunately, with all of these sports comes the potential for injury. And with the rising cost of healthcare, higher deductibles, and copayments, a sports injury to a young athlete can cause a financial hardship for many families. That is why we created Buddy and why we are excited to announce our partnership with SportsEngine.

SportEngine was created to ease the administrative burden of managing sports league websites, registration, communications processes and all data end points. Their IT platform integrates easily with existing leagues platforms through their Application Program Interface(API) that takes these burdens off league administrator. These savings can be huge in terms or dollars and manpower.

Our Partnership through SportsEngine will allow Buddy to integrate with hundreds of sports leagues and millions of individual sports participants who will all be able to easily purchase our coverage electronically through the SportEngine API.

As longtime athletes ourselves and the parents of children who participate in youth sports, we have seen firsthand the cost and disruption a sports related injury can cause an individual or family. And it is not just the medical costs, the costs associated with lost time from work, physical therapy, and travel can all add up and make us rethink whether we can get back into the game.

Like the two soccer players mentioned above, our kids play hard. Accidents, some worse than others, happen. We are here to help.

If your youth sports program is interested in protecting their players from the unexpected, Buddy is looking to establish strategic partnerships/sponsorships with league administrators. These partnerships are designed to generate revenue for their organizations. Reach out to us!

To learn more visit our site and purchase Buddy here. Or email me at jpaul@iambuddy.com.

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Buddy provides the first and only on-demand accident insurance to adventurers and athletes. Our mission is simple, to help people fearlessly enjoy an active and outdoor lifestyle.

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