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What does it mean to have a high deductible health plan?

Hunter PechinJun 24, 2019

What is a deductible? A deductible is the amount of money you pay before your insurance provider begins to pay. Here’s a simple example to…

What An Accident Can Cost You

Brittany AdamsApr 15, 2019

We’ve heard over and over again from our customers how hard it is to understand health insurance. So earlier this year, we launched an…

Insurance should be as easy as falling off a log

Brittany AdamsApr 15, 2019

Minus the actual falling part, obvs Over the last several months, customers have asked where Buddy fits in the accident equation, so here…

The Fig Leaf of Excess Medical Coverage

Jay PaulApr 09, 2019

Ever wonder what is actually “covered” by those excess accident medical insurance programs that are provided by event directors or various…

What Do You Owe After an Accident: Part 3

Brittany AdamsAug 21, 2018

The Other Expenses Thinking about what you may owe if you get hurt doing what you love can be a serious downer, but it’s important to…

What Do You Owe After an Accident: Part 2

Brittany AdamsAug 14, 2018

How an accident can cost nearly $5,000 - even with health insurance Last week we looked at what your health insurance plan includes, and…

What Do You Owe After an Accident: Part 1

Brittany AdamsAug 07, 2018

Your Potential Health Insurance Gaps As you clip your boots into your bindings and prepare to head down that black diamond for the first (or…

A Healthcare Pro’s Costly Turn on the Slope

Charles MerrittApr 25, 2018

As part of our work to enable adventures by reducing risk, I spend time talking with fellow outdoor enthusiasts about their experiences. My…