Campaign Manager

Help build a new brand from the ground up!

Buddy protects people who lead an active, outdoor lifestyle from the personal expenses of accidents. We are seeking a Campaign Manager to join us on our mission to enable active, outdoor lives by promoting our on-demand accident insurance.

You should have a passion for exploring the world, getting outdoors, and working with others who are always looking for a way to catch more sun, snow, or surf. The outdoors and athletics are in our DNA.

You will join a tightly-knit team that has just completed the MetLife Digital Accelerator powered by Techstars. In our past lives, Buddy’s team members have won Gold Lions at Cannes and been named to Forbes 30 under 30 list for marketing and advertising, so you will work with experienced communicators. Our team works together, and we would expect you to be based with us in Richmond, VA.

Buddy is absolutely a startup, and you should be comfortable with uncertainty and be able to work toward shared goals independently. We raise our hands when we need help. We ask questions of each other CONSTANTLY, and we love to "whiteboard it out." Your job doesn’t stop with a title, and we all pitch in when the task at hand requires it.

You should have experience creating and managing campaigns in one or more of the following advertising platforms:

  • Google AdWords
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Outbrain
  • Marketing Emails

You will also need to be an excellent writer and be comfortable with Google Analytics and Excel.

To apply, please contact Send a resume, a writing sample from the following prompt, and any other relevant work that showcases your passions and expertise.

Job Details

This is a junior-level marketing position, and all jobs at Buddy are 60-day contract-to-hire positions. Upon full-time hire, employees receive health benefits and the opportunity to participate in the employee stock option plan.

Writing Prompt

How competitive are you? 1000 word maximum.

How Buddy's Team Works

We work as a team, we debate as a team, and move the ball forward as a team. How we do this is through the use of OKR's (Objective, Key Results).

As a small team, we're not very hierarchical, and everyone wears lots of hats. We do a daily standup for about 15 minutes in the morning for both process and social "how's life" checking in.

We test stuff. Lots of stuff. All the stuff if we can. We run bi-weekly (at minimum) user testing in person and remotely. We monitor our analytics religiously. We take our learnings, successes and failures, and iterate quickly to constantly improve our user experience in all things.

We raise our hands when we need help. We ask questions of each other CONSTANTLY, and we love to "whiteboard it out."

On Wednesdays, we wear our team T-shirts to show off our #squadgoals, and team members often head out to ride, run, or paddle together before and after work (and sometimes at lunch).

We have fun at work and outside work. We give each other a hard time with a smile. We can carry on a conversation entirely through GIFs in Slack. And we want to work with people who want to work with us.

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