Head of Talent


Convince amazing humans that their professional life is best spent in pursuit of helping Buddy build a fearless society.

About the Role

This is a dynamic role, and we expect you to bring your own abilities to the mission. To succeed, Buddy believes that you should set a high standard for yourself and others. You must be both curious and persuasive in how you approach people. This will be one of the most challenging jobs in our company's next phase, and you must be disciplined and able to anticipate the needs of the organization. Your friends and peers might know you as a "collector of people" or a great guest.

Our team values those who value themselves and who help others to grow. You'll find that intellectual honesty and divergent thinking are part of our DNA. Above all, we are building Buddy to serve a community. Service to that community and to the one in which we live are paramount.

Expected Outcomes

  • Create a talent pipeline that reflects Buddy's D&I goals of representing the Richmond Metro DMA
  • Develop compensation packages within budget that will allow Buddy to hire the best talent from across the US and beyond
  • Hire A Players to fill roles according to plan
  • Develop an onboarding process for new hires that gets them up to speed in 5 days and independent within 90
  • Grow a second Buddy presence in a new geography


Let us know by sending a quick note along with your resume to jobs@iambuddy.com.

About Buddy

Buddy’s mission is to build a more fearless society. Today, we do that by selling the first and only on-demand accident insurance product in the market to help people get outside and do more fun things. We have recently expanded our insurance portfolio to encompass additional parts of the world of experiences, and we need you to grow with us on our journey.

Buddy is a team of marketers, tech geeks, career-switchers, and insurance experts who all love a little adventure outside. We work hard and challenge norms through cross-skill communication, customer feedback and testing, and we love to whiteboard the edge cases. We believe in community and are active in multiple community projects, especially around the outdoors. We set high expectations of ourselves, and we support one another to make sure every team member reaches their full potential.

Take Your Shot

Although we list out the general requirements, you may have skills and talents that we haven’t even thought of!

Studies show that many under-represented groups only apply for jobs when they feel that they meet 100% of the job requirements. At Buddy, we want you to take your shot and apply, because you miss every shot that you don’t take.

Still don’t think this is the job for you, but you’re still interested in Buddy? Email us at jobs@iambuddy.com to tell us more.

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