Senior JavaScript Developer

Buddy, an Insurtech startup, is expanding to support our launch!

We are looking for an experienced senior developer to join us on a contract-to-hire basis. You'll have the opportunity to work on web and server based projects using some of the latest technologies available.

More than technical talent, you must care about the customer experience above all else. That doesn't just mean page speed, although that it is part of it, but security, privacy, and overall UX drive all technical decisions. You will not be siloed on a project, so self-management and the ability to proactively get things done is highly valued, especially at our early stage startup.

So what are we writing code in?

JavaScript. Our entire stack is JavaScript based, so you need to know it. You will need to know the difference between await and yield, and have strong opinions about import vs. require. You will have opportunities to work on the front end/customer facing side of the experience as well as the backend server parts. The ability to work on HTML/CSS (we use SASS that compiles to CSS) is also a must.

Code reviews will happen weekly or upon pull requests. You will start out with lower-level bug fixes and requirements, then move onto more challenging tasks as you gain familiarity with the codebase.

In addition to the technical skills, as a senior member of the team, you will be responsible for continuing to help build the team as well. You will play an integral part in both hiring and managing more junior level developers and other members of the technical team as we grow.

Some other requirements, beyond technical and cultural, include being able to be in North Carolina for 50% of your time through mid October, as we are currently in the Techstars accelerator. It's part of an amazing opportunity that we can discuss further in person, and the on-site requirement ensures team fit. Housing will be provided.

How Buddy's Team Works

We work as a team, we debate as a team, and move the ball forward as a team. How we do this is through the use of OKR's (Objective, Key Results).

As a small team, we're not very hierarchical, and everyone wears lots of hats. We do a daily standup for about 15 minutes in the morning for both process and social "how's life" checking in.

We test stuff. Lots of stuff. All the stuff if we can. We run bi-weekly (at minimum) user testing in person and remotely. We monitor our analytics religiously. We take our learnings, successes and failures, and iterate quickly to constantly improve our user experience in all things.

We raise our hands when we need help. We ask questions of each other CONSTANTLY, and we love to "whiteboard it out."

On Wednesdays, we wear our team T-shirts to show off our #squadgoals, and team members often head out to ride, run, or paddle together before and after work (and sometimes at lunch).

We have fun at work and outside work. We give each other a hard time with a smile. We can carry on a conversation entirely through GIFs in Slack. And we want to work with people who want to work with us.

A bit more about the stack:

  • ES6 (classes, async/await, .map, etc..) we use it
  • Node 8/10 on the backend (depending on hosting location)
  • Express for routing on the backend
  • Combination of Server + Serverless environments
  • Combination of SQL and NoSQL for DB
  • Hosting in AWS + Heroku
  • React 16+ on the frontend
  • Bootstrap 4+ / Sass

You're the Right Fit If

  • You're excited to join a startup and grow with the company
  • You have the JS skills to pay the bills
  • You rolled your eyes at the previous bullet
  • You love the outdoors
  • You want to accelerate change in the multi-trillion dollar insurance industry

If this is you, grab your resume and...

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