DevOps Engineer


The mission of the DevOps Engineer is to fully streamline the development flow of the coding team through automation and rigorous process.


We are looking for an experienced DevOps individual to join the Buddy team and help us streamline our technical stack. With a focus on automation and testing, the head of DevOps will play a crucial role in speeding up the technical team’s iterative process.

Expected Outcomes

  • Create an end-to-end CD pipeline that fits into our current development flow.
  • Create a robust plan around continuous monitoring of the entire Buddy stack to find bottlenecks.
  • Create an end-to-end testing plan for full coverage on both the frontend and backend.
  • Work with the security team to do vulnerability assessments minimum once per year with a full pen test.
  • Proactively find spots in all processes where automation can improve the teams jobs.

A Little About the Buddy Stack

  • ES6 (classes, async/await, .map, etc..) we use it
  • The latest stable-build of NodeJS
  • Combination of Server + Serverless architecture
  • Combination of SQL and NoSQL for DB
  • AWS
  • React 16+ on the frontend
  • Bootstrap migrating over to Tailwind


Let us know by sending a quick note along with your resume to

About Buddy

Buddy’s mission is to build a more fearless society. Today, we do that by selling the first and only on-demand accident insurance product in the market to help people get outside and do more fun things. We have recently expanded our insurance portfolio to encompass additional parts of the world of experiences, and we need you to grow with us on our journey.

Buddy is a team of marketers, tech geeks, career-switchers, and insurance experts who all love a little adventure outside. We work hard and challenge norms through cross-skill communication, customer feedback and testing, and we love to whiteboard the edge cases. We believe in community and are active in multiple community projects, especially around the outdoors. We set high expectations of ourselves, and we support one another to make sure every team member reaches their full potential.

Take Your Shot

Although we list out the general requirements, you may have skills and talents that we haven’t even thought of!

Studies show that many under-represented groups only apply for jobs when they feel that they meet 100% of the job requirements. At Buddy, we want you to take your shot and apply, because you miss every shot that you don’t take.

Still don’t think this is the job for you, but you’re still interested in Buddy? Email us at to tell us more.

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