About Buddy

Buddy’s three founders come from different backgrounds in marketing, technology, and insurance, but share the same love of the great outdoors. When they started noticing some of their friends getting out there less often, or worse, selling some of their gear, they asked why. Apparently getting into even a small accident can be expensive.

Since 2011, out-of-pocket costs for healthcare have sky-rocketed. There were a few ways to help offset that financial pain, but none that fit an active lifestyle or that felt modern. When you can deposit a check into your bank with a picture, but have to wait days to talk to someone on the phone to get insurance, something needed to change.

So Charles, Jay, and David started Buddy to create the world’s first and only on-demand accident insurance. All benefits are paid directly to the consumer so they can spend it how they see fit. A day of coverage costs less than a burrito. And you can get covered in less than 3 minutes today.

Buddy’s mission is simple, to help people fearlessly enjoy an active and outdoor life.


Casey Baum

Director of Partnerships

I enjoy collaborating with partners to understand their business and offer great customer value. Buddy certainly gives me that opportunity! In addition to my two daughters keeping me busy - I'm known for crafting delicious BBQ, dusting off the ol' guitar, and running in ultramarathons in support of my nonprofit.

Cezar Carvalhaes


I’m a homebrewing, wrestling coaching, DIY-ing, web-developing, history and geography nerd. I’m a pretty eclectic dude with a background in education (chemistry), anthropology and philosophy. I like to do a lot of fun stuff too, such as trail-running, lifting and jumping in rivers.

Chris Dickey

Strategic Advisor

A perfect day for Chris starts with hot coffee by the campfire, a robust day of outdoor adventure, ending with bourbon under the stars. Professionally, Chris’s entire career has been about data, uncovering insights, analyzing trends and optimizing.

Nick Green

Business Development Specialist

I've always had a passion for meeting new people and trying new things––particularly when it involves getting outside and enjoying mother nature. At Buddy, I use that drive to cultivate relationships that enable others to pursue their own outdoor interests. In my free time, you'll find me satisfying my adventurous itch by snowboarding, biking, or climbing my way around the Virginias.

Charles Merritt

Co-Founder, CEO

Mom always knew I'd had a good time when I came home covered in dirt. The same energy to play and adventure now fuels my passion for what we're building at Buddy. I love using the tools of technology and storytelling to enable others to be fearless.

Jay Paul

Co-Founder, Head of Business Development

Through Buddy, I have found a way to combine my passion for the great outdoors with my 25+ years in the insurance industry. When not working, I can be found paddling white water, mountain/road cycling, climbing, or just about anything where I can push myself into the wilds of the world.

David Vogeleer

Co-Founder, Head of Technology

I've never met a problem I couldn’t fix with a node script. I've published multiple books on programming and won 12 Cannes Lions for creative work. I was the second fastest gun in the west, and I remain undefeated to this day in thumb wrestling!


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P.O. Box 81
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