Partner with Buddy

Buddy is the only accident insurance in the market today that offers single-day coverage. When you partner with Buddy, your customers have the opportunity to cover themselves when they need to, and not when they don’t.

Who we partner with:

Registration Platforms
Event Promoters, Sports Leagues, Ski Resorts, Camps
Outdoor Associations, National/State Parks, Sport Governing Bodies

How Do Our Partnerships Work?


Determine selling method - API, co-marketing, and/or member benefits.


Optimize market strategy and customer experience.


Earn ancillary revenue by allowing your customers to be more fearless!

Buddy's Commitment

Buddy is committed to protecting our outdoor brethren and our nation’s outdoor resources. That is why we donate 10% of our profit to protecting our nation’s wild open spaces.

Become a Partner Today

Partnering with Buddy is easy. Simply reach out us using the information below.