Partner with Buddy

Buddy partners with associations, sports governing bodies, event promoters, ski resorts, sports leagues, adventure travel organizations and others who promote outdoor enjoyment, to make our Buddy accident coverage available to their members, participants, and guests.

Who we partner with:

Registration Platforms
Event Promoters, Sports Leagues, Ski Resorts, Camps
Outdoor Associations, National/State Parks, Sport Governing Bodies

How Do Our Partnerships Work?


Get to know each other and learn how we can help.


Determine goals, strategies, and targets. Sign MOU.


Launch registration integration/co-marketing campaign.

Photo by Mattias Olsson on Unsplash

Our Partners

az soccer alliance
bicycle colorado
AZ Interscholastic Cycling League
American Canoe Association
Colorado Mountain Club
Colorado Mountain Bike Association
MAD Racing
Horses Help
Houston Safari Club
Go Wild
Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado

Buddy's Commitment

Buddy is committed to protecting our outdoor brethren and our nation’s outdoor resources. That is why we donate 10% of our profit to protecting our nation’s wild open spaces.

To become a partner, contact:

Jay Paul
Co-Founder, Head of Business Development