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Buddy protects the experiences that make life rich. Our single-source API is capable of offering any insurance product to protect customers throughout their journey. From our ground-breaking on-demand accident insurance to event cancellation and travel insurance - Buddy may be the last insurance integration you will ever do.

Add an extra layer of protection for your customers and business.

Improve your conversion rates with extra value and assurance.

Grow your revenue by integrating Buddy into any sales platform.

Flexible. Simple. Easy.

Add Buddy to just about any sales flow.

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Buddy partners with businesses that bring people together

OrganizersDo you host events or activities that provide amazing experiences?
PlatformsDo you provide the technology that powers these experiences?

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Buddy's simple REST API is easy to integrate into any sales flow

curl -H "Accept: application/json" \
-X GET "" \
"?who=ME" \
"&duration=day" \
"&state=CO" \

Start with just two endpoints:

Accurate to-the-penny pricing in milliseconds.

Tell us who and what, and we'll get them covered.

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